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How to Buy СС Dumps with Pin Code and Cash It Out: The Scheme of Cooperating With the Sellers

Cashing out the card clone through ATM is considered one of the most effective ways in the short term to earn good money by using carding as an option. We want to offer our client all over the world copies (clones) of credit cards issued in countries in the Euro Union. By purchasing them you will be able to get cash through the automated teller machine(ATM). It is no problem to cash the card out at any ATM, anywhere in the world where there are ATM with the Visa/MasterCard logos.

If you are interested in our offer, read the information about our contacts and get in touch with us. 

Once you have contacted us, we will process your request and decide if we want to cooperate with you. If you got a positive response from us, then we are going to work with according to the following cooperation scheme:


1. We are sending you a plastic, which is also called CC dump.

Shipping of plastic along the serviced territory is carried out exclusively through leaving it in the previously negotiated place. Our man leaves the product, which consists of the plastic and the necessary data to contact us on time. Before selling we control the cards through CVV checker. So, the offered cards’ balances are checked with precise accuracy (we only work with the material having enroll supplied). After that, we sent you information about the place of delivery on your e-mail. Within 24 hours you must collect the good at the specified address according to the landmarks and get in touch with us. 

2. After you have received the plastic, we give instructions on how to check its validity. 

You check the plastic following on the sent instructions meeting all our requirements. Otherwise, nothing will happen. The algorithm of your action specifies the security both your and ours. You can also use your own CVV checker. After you finish the card balance checking, you get in touch with us once again and report the result.    

3. You provide us the card CVV balance

We have no information about you, and no we cannot guarantee that you are a serious person who intends to operate with on long-term basis. Your status can only be confirmed by your honesty. Each time, we will provide you several testing cards among the whole quantity of our CC shop goods. Thus, we can always control you.

What Is the Purpose of All This? We didn’t take these terms and conditions from the air, all them were formed a long time ago. Many people want to raise easy money and the above-mentioned method of cashing the money is a perfect way to control our clients. We will always know if you hide a portion of the income from us. 

4. We will give you a pin code, you will cash the card out and send us the percent of the money from the card that you were able to cash out.

We give you our banking account and tell you the percent that we want from you (it is not high). The rest of the money you leave for yourself. 

Additional Information:

Cards produced by our CVV store can be applied in any ATM with international marks of Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. If you will put on a good face and act honestly and correctly, we are going to cooperate with you on a long-term basis. In addition, we would like to stress your attention on the fact that you receive the plastic and pin code first and then only share your income with us. This is a very important fact for you can start your cashing-out business without the starting sum of money. We don’t want any payments in advance. So, you can be sure in our honesty. Buy CVV in our shop, and start raising a tremendous sum of money from nothing! Just show the high level of accuracy and everything will go well. 


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