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How to Avoid the Scammers: 5 Signs of a Valid Shop in Dumping Business 

Which way the client can be sure that he or she deals with a reliable CC shop?

Today, many companies and retailers all over the world beginning to sell their products via the Internet. The increase in the number of purchases through the Internet is hampered by many factors: starting with the fact that people know little about how to buy on the Internet, don't trust the sellers and feel the fear becoming victims of scams. Many customers are deterred by the fact that when you purchase via the Internet, you cannot see the seller, no personal contact. In addition, there is no possibility to see the product with your own eyes, to ascertain its quality and to touch it literally. 

Most of these fears are exaggerated, but there is a share of true stories. Alas, some of our countrymen have a sad shopping experience on the Internet: they've dealt with CC shops that do not perform their promises, and were forced to wait for the delivery of paid order an indefinite amount of time or could not return their money. Even if you were one of those deceived buyers, once, do not despair: we will try to tell you how to be vigilant when shopping online in the future.

First you need to understand that buying card CVV or any other dumping equipment online, you need to be as vigilant as when buying goods or services at retail in traditional shops. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the choice of the place of purchase and certain signs that point to fraud.

What 5 methods will help you to ensure the reliability of the online store?

To check out the vendor from whom you are going to buy a product or service, you should at least read about it on the relevant page of the online store. Note the presence/absence of the buyer's information in the valid shop’s tab «About us» or «About company». On this page there should be relevant information: the company name, address, phone, email address. Make a preliminary phone call or contact an online store in another way (via the messaging service or by email). 

Advanced web buyers sometimes use www.whois.com service through which you can check the reliability of the online store, the period of registration of the website on the Internet, membership of the company specified on the website of the online store and other legal data.

Check the authenticity of the card CVVs that you purchase, whether it is a fake with a similar name you are offered or not. Check what kind of warranty are available, on what terms and who provides it – the seller or the manufacturer. For this you can contact the store and ask about the details, and look for articles and reviews of the product online. 

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