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In our previous articles, we have already narrated you the algorithm of your action in order to raise the money from your carding business and card CVVs. To be more concrete, we have told you about the algorithm of cooperating with us. Today we would like to shed the light onto your total scheme of working in the sphere of carding business. Finally, we will give some recommendation in order your business could prosper and stay alive for a long time. So, let’s get down to practice from the theory. 

 The minimum set that will be needed for business starting is an encoder, an embosser, dumps, and plastic (you may sell CVV that have already been printed in our shop). Ideally, it makes sense to produce your own white plastic, but usually many businessmen in the initial stages of their operations feel the lack of money and it is much more convenient to buy CVV-related products from our interactive store.  

Your total expenses will not be low, but with the proper approach will pay off all the costs very quickly. There is a cheaper method to start the business, though it involves more risks and is not available to all carding-business participants. 

So, here is the algorithm of your actions: 

1) Buy equipment 

Things like encoder and embosser have long ceased to be scarce and are sold quite legally and for reasonable money. Search sites in Google offering the needed equipment and choose a suitable offer that you liked. 

2) Order the plastic 

As a rule, the prices for it have a fairly large scatter, but the average price is about 30-40 $ for a piece. Before the plastic would be delivered, you can start searching for a dump seller, for example, you may leave a request in our CVV store.

3) Sell CVV good 

As mentioned above, buy 101 dumps of the needed country (select the country depending on where you are going to start shopping). Be careful for in the field of dumps sales you can meet a lot of scam companies, selling СС dumps with validity less than 20 percents and even below. 

4) Generation of the first track 

As a rule, most of the seller only sell the second track of a СС dump, but for a comfortable shopping, we had to have the first track too. Where can I get it? You can generate it using the special software. Enter there the name of the person who will go shopping, and whose name will be written on the card, type the purchased second track, and get the generated first track.

5) Card recording.

Record the first and the second tracks on the plastic suing the software, supplied with the msr-206 or any other alternative (for example, TheJerm). 

6) Embossing the card 

Emboss the plastic. Take the real banking card for a sample reference. So, you can orientate what to emboss and where to do this. Accordingly, the name, embossed on the card, must match the name on the generated first track and the name of the person who will go shopping. Sometimes, you may be asked to show the documents verifying the ownership of the card. You will certainly feel no good if this question will be taken by surprise. 

Well, the card is ready! You can go shopping! And finally, a few tips:


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